Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Bangles

Yay!!! Received these new bangles today- they blend so well with the JR watch and JR and JRII stuff !
This is a set of 5 skinny bangles... One is textured in a rope design and the others are smooth. They are so nicely finished on the inside, and for the money, these are keepers!!!

These pictures were taken with my Iphone but didn't turn out too clearly and I don't know why. So I took additional photos with my camera- so you'll see the details more clearly in the shots below...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Monaco, Monaco, Monaco!

From one of our Southern Ripkanistas... a treasure of Monacos!!!

So Many Possibilities

From one of our Ripkanistas..."I am bored with this weather, so I am playing in my jewelry box.
My mannequin is a size 4, but she has an extremely fat neck!  If you have a thinner neck, you can wear part of the strand as a choker with three, four, or five links in front."

Soooo many possibilities!!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lapis and Pearls

Oh you Chicago Ripkanistas, enjoy these pics from one of your own...
A great medley of pearls! I see the lapis and pearls necklace, the baroque pearl necklace, and more...
Love that lapis cuff!
I hope there are lots of Ripkanistas in Chicago and that you're all connecting and forming friendships :). 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tough Decision

 This is one of the newer rhodolite bracelets-- red stones set in hearts and linked. The link remind us of the older "panther bracelet" popular many years ago.  
 So the question is whether or not this bracelet looks better worn with another item or alone... what do you think?
It's shown here with the narrow cuff known as "Li'l Sis." this cuff is the narrower version of the wider cuff shown above. That one is known as "THE Cuff."

One of our darling Ripkanistas is struggling with a decision-- to keep or not to keep this rhodolite bracelet? While everyone agrees this bracelet is precious, decisions come down to how we feel the item looks on. Thoughts anyone?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Green With Envy-- Chalcedny Necklace

Oh my gosh- how dreamy green is this? I'd love to see how this looks on-- it certainly is a temptation!

Pearl TSV

What a lucky necklace to have such a beautiful neck! This is the latest pearl TSV necklace. this necklace has several parts and can be adjusted to create long and short looks. Maybe someone will send more photos of how this necklace looks in all of its variations... stay tuned!